ASEAN Social Work Journal is published by Indonesian Social Work Consortium (ISWC), a networking forum of fifteen government and non-government social work organizations, social workers and social work education associations in Indonesia. ISWC was founded on August 10th, 2011 as follow up of the establishment of the ASEAN Social Work Consortium (ASWC) which was officially established in January 2011 in the Philippines.

The birth of ASEAN Social Work Journal was part of workplan formulated by ASWC at the first meeting in January 2011 in Manila. Until the year of 2020, ISWC has published eight regular editions and one special edition.The journal is part of the commitment of Indonesia providing a platform for sharing research and best practices in the field of social work. Further, it can contribute to social work education and profession in the midst of scarcity of literature on ASEAN social welfare policy and programs. It is hoped that this journal will be able to facilitate productive exchanges of research, practice, knowledge and ideas among social work practitioners, social work educators and students, social policy scholars, government officials and decision makers to explore common challenges and potential partnership in promoting social welfare mainstreaming in the ASEAN region.