Vision and Purpose

I. Vision

  • Strengthen solidarity among social work practitioners, educators and schools of social work.

II. Purpose

  • The purposes of the ASEAN Social Work Consortium are:
  • To strengthen solidarity among social work educators, practitioners, and schools of social work;
  • To promote and institutionalize effective collaboration towards the achievement of responsive and excellent social work education in the ASEAN region;
  • To enhance and develop social work education and practice relevant to the region’s social realities;
  • To promote greater support of policy makers for the role of social work in social development;
  • To work for the formal recognition and enhancement of the status of the social work profession;
  • To establish and continuously upgrade the core competencies and ethical standards of social work education and practice in the region;
  • To assist in the establishment and development of schools of social work;
  • To share experiences and resources in social work education and practice; and
  • To promote networking with regional and international association of social welfare practitioners, educators and other related social development organizations